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look out sunshine, here's the punchline。

kenneth brandawg
26 March
CAPSLOCK, YEEAAAHHH!!!, (unsure), (Русский), astronaoto, baguette hon hon hon, baking cookies for orphans, comma splices, crying bears, extreeeeeeeeeme, fatsuke, gorilla bears, guy r u ok, harry mason's a jerk, i can't read, milf island, my russian wife, oh, pelvic injuries, qu'est-ce que c'est?, shut up yosuke, souji you are grounded, stares hurt, stick it where?, swedish rap, that boy ain't right, that's not funny cecile, this is absolutely fascinating....., throwing vending machines, too french to function, unnecessary crotch shots, wisconsin smells funny, yelling, you kicked my dog, yukikikiko